Fight Rating 6/10

Peak Season: All Year

A Redfish has many names including Red Drum, Spottail Bass, and Channel Bass. It’s a big hearty fish that you can catch here all year here in Florida. They live in both salt and fresh water. They are a silver base color with hints of brown and red down their spines. Redfish can grow up to 100lbs and are sometimes referred to as Bulls when they get this size.

We tend to find them near rocks or structures. Redfish feed off the bottom and rely on their sense of smell of sight to forage the sea floor in search for food. You’ll notice that they have a downward facing mouth and are ravenous feeders that will take live baitfish, crabs, shrimp, and cut baits.

When you hook a Redfish, they do put up a fight on long runs. Sometimes they will dive straight down towards the bottom looking for cover. Like other Drums, they make a strange drumming sound when pulled out of the water. They are somewhat easy to pull in and handle since they do not have any teeth, spines, or wild temperaments.

Redfish are very tasty and very common on restaurant menus. They have a mild flavor with a semi flaky texture and steak-like cuts. It closely resembles Red Snapper in flavor, color, and consistency. It has a firm, sweet taste with a nutty flavor. You can broil, grill, pan fry, bake, or deep-fry Redfish and they all taste delicious.

“I thought this guy was never going to give up.”

Sam E.